Appel à participation des journalistes à un séminaire international

CTA is organizing an international seminar on the implications of global climate change for sustainable agricultural production in ACP countries. The seminar will focus on the effects of climate change on agricultural production systems. A series of cross-cutting issues (land degradation, pest and disease, renewable energy/ bio fuels, lack of water management, food security, migration and impact on traditional ways of life) will be used to analyze the implications of climate change for rural livelihoods.

In order to maximize information sharing and sensitize decision makers, CTA is launching a call for ACP journalists to collect local stories and perspectives on the various topics covered by the seminar.

Journalists are asked to submit a short proposal, outlining their ideas. These pitches will be reviewed by a panel of experts who will select the best 15 story proposals. CTA will then commission the articles (and offer a fee of Euro 120) and an editorial coordinator will coach the journalists.

The articles will be featured on the seminar website and sent out to a wide Media community for information sharing. Writers of the best 2 articles will be invited to work on the daily coverage of the seminar, to be held October 26-31, 2008, and produce a daily digest of short articles and interviews with participants and presenters. Travel, accommodation, visa, per diem and a financial compensation will be offered.

Applicants can propose either a story or an interview. They should base their material on the following issues: How climate change affects agriculture in their country (focus on one system)? What have been the consequences for rural livelihoods? How do agriculture and climate change interact? Solutions - mitigation and adaptation – proposed by researchers and farmer communities? What would be the role of decision makers and policies in mitigating impact?

Articles must be strictly related to climate change. Preference will be given to proposals that highlight local perspectives and voices, showcase existing research or adaptation initiatives and feature real people working in the field (producers, NGO staff, climate change experts). We are not interested in articles that focus on future scenarios.

Send us a proposal of 250 words maximum before April 21st.

Journalists should meet the following criteria:

  • Be nationals of an ACP country;
  • Experienced journalist (send a brief description of your profile)
  • Have the capacity to publish the article in the local media (please quote media and editor)

Contact us at;

For more information, check


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